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About us

The Buhck Group is a large environmental service provider in northern Germany. We've been well-established in the region as a family-run business for over 100 years.

The individual group companies specialise in all the important areas of environmental management and complement each other well. Herein lies the strength of the Buhck Group.

We know that we can only claim to be pioneers if we have innovative ideas, and we are continually working on better solutions in the interests of our customers and partners.


As a result, our customers all profit, whether they work in trade, industry, local authorities or they are individuals from private households.

The Buhck Group generates around 75% of its total yearly income, around 100 million Euros, in the traditional areas of waste recycling, container services and landfill operations. A further 20% comes from pipe and sewage services, and 5 percent from alternative building materials and fuels.

Five sorting plants, three composting plants, three landfill sites and a fleet of around 120 lorries are available, among other things, to ensure the smooth-running of these services.

Reliable – competent – personal

For over 100 years, this is what the family-run Buhck group, with around 650 staff working from 12 sites, has stood for.

The name Buhck is synonymous with "environmental management made in Germany". Why not get to know us?

Thomas Buhck and Dr. Henner Buhck