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Shoes, shirts, skirts, furniture, electronic devices … there is almost nothing you can’t buy online today. Many years ago, we, at Buhck, thought that it might be a good idea to set up our own online-shop for our goods and services. We started with a basic version, offering some primary services and a semi-automatic purchase procedure including paper-based invoicing.

„In for a penny, in for a pound“- as the British say. With the relaunch of our new websites some months ago, we decided to implement a modern online-shop. This shop combines a handy purchasing process with a convenient payment option. Almost 100 percent online, absolutely 100 percent trustworthy! Even certified! We are proud to announce that our online-shop has been certified by TRUSTED SHOPS.

Since 1999, the TRUSTED SHOPS certificate stands for trustworthy services and secure purchasing via the internet. Our online-shop has been scrutinized on the basis of a catalogue of more than 100 various criteria, reaching from price transparency, customer service, protection of data privacy to financial strength and safety features.

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