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A Place Full of Life and Warmth

09.02.2018 - Buhck Gruppe,

It’s quite hard to find the right words to describe a visit from a hospice. Thomas Buhck, shareholder and Managing Director of the Buhck Group, recently visited the auxilium Hospiz (auxilium hospice) in Geesthacht, near Hamburg. What he brought around was a cheque for € 2,500 for the auxilium. Free of charge for its residents, which are called guests, the auxilium is mainly financed by the German social insurance system. Though there is still a monthly gap of € 8,000 which has to be covered by donations and fund-raising.

For altogether 15 years now, the auxilium offers both care and affection to its guests in their last phase of life. Currently, all of the 14 rooms are occupied. Manuela Glaubach-Gruse, manager of auxilium, stresses: „Despite pain and grief, there is still a lot of laughter in our house!“. Deeply impressed by Glaubach-Gruse’s account of work and life within the auxilium, Thomas Buhck added: „To have such a place like this right here, in Geesthacht, is fantastic! I am very happy that we are able to make our contribution to this very important project!“.