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Bestsort receives visit from Down Under


Last spring the Bestsort, a company of the Buhck Group, welcomed an interesting guest from Down Under. Helen Millicer, Board director of the Loddon Mallee Waste and Resource Recovery Group, visited the company in the context of her Churchill Trust Fellowship. The Fellowship, run by the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust, is a program of overseas research grants. It supports Australian citizens to travel the world in search of innovative solutions for today’s most pressing problems.

Helen Millicer is focusing in her work especially on plastics and organics recovery in Australia as well as energy generation. In her scholarship, she is looking for best practices around the world. Her research led her to Belgium, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand….and to Billbrook, Hamburg, where the Bestsort is situated. During her visit, she exchanged views with the company about methods for dealing with the Chinese import bans and about process flows.

She summarized the impressions she gained during her scholarship by the world shifting to a more circular material economy, and Australia having to adapt its systems to be competitive in this new world order. Europe, and especially Netherlands and Germany, would be building upon their strong foundations for even higher recycling rates for many materials, including plastics. Her report can be found here.

Bestsort and the Buhck Group thank Helen Millicer for the interesting exchange of views and insights!