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29.03.2021 - Neuigkeiten,

The Buhck Group has been providing climate protection services for many years. For the two managing partners Thomas and Dr. Henner Buhck this was not enough. In 2019, the CO2 emissions of the entire group were recorded for the first time. Based on this CO2 balance, the Buhck Group became climate-neutral by investing in external compensation projects. Through the compensation, an annual emission of 12,215 tons of CO2 is equalized. Due to this, the Buhck Group is Germanys first climate-neutral environmental service provider in Germany.

‘But even that is not enough for us: our declared goal is to be climate-neutral until 2030 through our own projects,’ Dr. Henner Buhck points out. ‘And with our ‘MISSION FOR CLIMATE PROTECTION”, we also want to motivate other companies and all employees of our Group to follow this path.’

The measures to achieve the targets are the Group's own projects, such as recycled photovoltaic modules for their own electricity generation, the consistent use of e-mobility for company cars, electricity gathered from bio-waste, mobile heating systems and state-of-the-art vehicles in the vehicle fleet. In addition, the company participates in research projects and seeks joint partnerships for further technical solutions. Finally yet importantly, the Buhck Foundation has also been supporting regional environmental protection projects for many years.

‘We can’t avoid the complete CO2 emissions, since as a logistic company the needed technology and sources don’t exist yet. This will only change, if we as a costumer put pressure on the vehicle manufacturer,’ adds his brother Thomas Buhck. ‘We need all the help and commitment from our employees, who already impressed us with their ideas and activities, to achieve our goal till 2030. And we would also like to support companies that want to deal with the topic of climate protection, with our consulting and a lot of experience.’


Visit to learn more about the initiative and about how you can join and make your own contribution to climate protection.