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Even more Safety on our Streets

31.01.2020 - Buhck Gruppe,

Two of the largest companies within the Buhck Group – Willi Damm in Grambek and Buhck GmbH in Wiershop – decided to equip their new trucks with a special assistance system which prevents accidents between trucks and cyclists. Unfortunately, such accidents are often caused by a phenomenon which is called „toter Winkel“ (blind spot). Cyclists and pedestrians within this blind spot can not be seen by truck drivers.

Imagine a cyclist caught in this area next to a truck while this truck is turning. That is nothing one wants to be involved in and consequently the new green and orange trucks of Damm and Buhck have been equipped with such an „Abbiegeassistenzsystem“ – a system of cameras and sensors which enables the truck driver to detect a cyclist or pedestrian in his trucks‘ blind spot.

Our colleagues from Buhck and Damm are very proud of their new trucks and they like their trucks even more with this „extra“ of safety.
„Allzeit gute Fahrt!“ (always have a good trip!).