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Health Sometimes Means Hard Work!


What the ancient romans already knew, that there is a close connection between a healthy body and mind, is now being taught to our trainees and apprentices as well. Sonja Kempf, ecotrophologist from „esswell“, welcomed our young colleagues to a special workshop. The topic: Health and Nutrition!

Such workshops are being offered to our apprentices regularly in order to provide easy access to this very important issue. Sonja started with some theoretical input about the general connection between nutrition and health. Theory is good, but a little bit more action is better. Hence, the group started to prepare and enjoy a healthy and even delicious lunch.

Want some more action? No problem! Stephan Pape took over in the afternoon and really got our teens and twens into sweat! Stephan is personal trainer and vividly „explained“ the close connection between exercise and health. Guess you know what followed after some theory..?! Probably not everyones cup of tea, but they all survived this second part of the workshop as well. Exhausted but happy, they now have a deeper insight into the close connection between nutrition and exercise and their sense of well-being.  We are looking forward to the next and altogether 5th workshop of this kind in 2018.