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KITA21 in Schleswig-Holstein


„KITA21“ is not the title of the latest science fiction movie. In fact, it’s the name of a special program  which supports day-care centers to become a more sustainable place of learning for children. KITA is the common German abbreviation for „Kindertagesstätte“ (day-care center) and the „21“ just refers to … well, take a guess!

The Buhck Foundation (Buhck Stiftung) is now partner of KITA21 and financially supports up to 10 KITA’s in Schleswig Holstein, the northernmost federal state of Germany. This partnership means that the KITA’s are now able to participate in the KITA21 program which aims at the forward-looking education of children in the fields of nutrition, water, waste prevention, climate protection and similar topics. Hence, enabling children to discover and develop their own fields of interest and scope for organising their sphere of influence is a major goal of KITA21. Our children’s motivation, curiosity and willingness to learn shall be used in order to sensitize them for a sustainable approach to life.

Support of KITA21 is not limited to the kids alone. The program also includes active networking of all KITA’s involved, trainings and individual advice. A package of useful information containing lots of ideas and incentives completes it.