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Free acceptance of damaged solar modules

17.08.2021 - 2ndlifesolar,

2ndlifesolar accepts damaged solar modules from flooded areas in North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate & Bavaria free of charge

Solar modules damaged by the consequences of the flood disaster can be delivered without charge to 2ndlifesolar, a brand of the Buhck Group, for disposal.

2ndlifesolar offers operators of solar plants in the affected areas to dispose their damaged modules for free. 2ndlifesolar prepares all necessary documents for the aggrieved parties, such as proof of disposal and reports the disposal of the damaged modules to the EAR foundation. Due to the professional disposal of the damaged modules and its qualified supporting documents no buy-back price or susidy is lost. The EEG-buy-back price of the damaged modules can be easily transferred to new and repowering modules. For more information, help and support concerning the legally approved waste transport, 2ndlifesolar has opened an info hotline: 0049 40-73 43 36 0. All modules are tested by 2ndlifesolar and if eligible will be reused in a solar plant.