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Operation „Mobile Heat“


You probably know that the Buhck Group is constantly searching for innovative ideas for common problems. One of those ideas is currently at its post-test stage: Operation „Mobile Heat“!

The basic idea is very simple. As a sort of by-product, a lot of heat is produced at our biogas plant in Trittau. In Wiershop, 25 kilometers away from Trittau, Buhck owns a massive office building with a high demand for … exactly: Heat! But how to connect supply and demand?

We bought an insulated tank container with a capacity of 23,000 liters of water, charged it with the heat from our biogas plant, put some wheels underneath and a truck in front and started to carry it from the source to the sink. Voilà: Operation „Mobile Heat“ was born!

As you might guess, this wasn’t the whole story. There were lots of difficulties we had to cope with. The most challenging one was to find a proper connection to our giant thermos jug with the heating system in our office building. But in the end we managed to find a solution for all these problems. Probably coincidence, but only a few days after our first round the heating system of the office building suddenly collapsed and our thermos jug on four wheels successfully proved its high performance: Check!