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Summer! No Longer Available?


There is a typical term in Hamburg which perfectly describes longer rainy and windy periods with low temperatures: „Schmuddelwetter“.

Imagine a charity-event with such a „Schmuddelwetter“. Imagine 65 brave runners who participated in the 2017 HSH-Nordbank-Run. 65 stubborn people among altogether 24,218. All defying these uncomfortable weather conditions in order to run 4 kilometers through the „Hafencity“ of Hamburg – a newly constructed part of Hamburg along the river Elbe.

Regardless if old or young, tall or short, our 65 colleagues jogged or walked the circuit. Some where accompanied by their spouses or their dogs or were equipped with baby buggies and the likes. But all had fun and eventually reached the finish line. They also all supported socially disadvantaged families with their charity run as the contribution to this years‘ HSH-Nordbank-Run, which will enable the children of these families to take part in local sports clubs.

All in all a wonderful event and we look forward to the 2018 HSH-Nordbank-Run …. But we have one burning desire for the next year: Sunshine! Still available?