Asbestos/ contaminated soil (landfill site)

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Asbestos/ contaminated soil (landfill site)

The Buhck group maintains three landfill sites for extractive waste. Here, contaminated soil and rubble, industrial extractive waste, any kind of waste containing asbestos and mineral fibre waste are stored or disposed of in an appropriate and environmentally-friendly way.

Asbestos was once seen as a miracle fibre on account of its stability and resistance to heat and acid. As a result, large quantities of asbestos were used in the building and shipping industries. Today, the use of asbestos is widely prohibited and as a result, disposing of asbestos is a problem.

All kinds of cement containing asbestos, asbestos dust or building materials contaminated with asbestos are delivered in tear-resistant Big-Bags. The material is then disposed of in our landfills in a professional and environmentally-friendly way.

After receiving special treatment from our specialists, sludge material, for example dredged materials or material from the desludging of a pond, can be deposited in the landfill sites.

Our landfills are built to meet modern technical standards and of course they meet all European and German legal requirements relating to running a modern landfill site. They are secured by way of multiple sealing systems and have landfill leachate collection. Our landfills operate under an indefinite operating licence and have a total volume of several million cubic metres.