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Canal-Control+Clean (CC+C)

For more than thirty years, CC+C has provided comprehensive services in relation to sewers.

As a result of our knowledge and experience, we have become a leading company in terms of cleaning, CCTV inspection, leak testing, and the sanitation of underground drain pipes.

We carry out CCTV inspections, identify and locate damage, building inspections and pipe system sanitation. We use the most up-to-date technology for this and, in this way, we can carry out an inspection from 50 mm to 3,000 mm pipe diameter and up to 1,000 m pipe length at any one time.

Leaking drainage pipes can result in the ground and the water supply becoming contaminated by the dirty water. In the same way, leaks can lead to damaging infiltration of the sewage. Some of the possible consequences include overloading the pipes, pumping stations and sewage treatment plants, lowering of the water table and a higher concentration of pollutants in the water. We are a renowned and qualified company and we assess your sewage pipes using an electronically-controlled testing procedure.


In addition, the inspection's protocol offers accurate information about the state of the part of the pipe that has been assessed. For many years, our public, industrial and local customers have been appreciating our services, which of course are Kanalbau certified.

We offer the highest level of consultation and delivery. You profit from our decades of experience and a rounded service portfolio, which offers both economic and organisational added value. Our staff have just one personal goal   when dealing with each order. They want you to be satisfied and they accomplish this by giving clear advice and completing each request to the highest standards.

Wherever you need us, we're there for you. Whether that's in northern Germany, throughout Germany, Europe or the rest of the world. Our team will be available for you on site.