Sorting plants and consultancy services

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Sorting plants and consultancy services

Running the sorting plants

Recycling of waste material is at the heart of all that we do. For this reason, we run, among other things, five of our own sorting plants for different types of material, such as construction waste and industrial waste.

Our "Bestsort" in Hamburg is one of these plants. The sorting helps to protect the environment because various recyclable material are obtained from industrial waste and then recycled. Bestsort was founded in 2006. Up to 120,000 tonnes of industrial waste are sorted there every year.


Recyclable material, such as plastic, paper and metal, are obtained from the waste. Remaining materials are made into a valuable alternative fuel. Through this combination of recycling and energetic recovery, in 2012, Bestsort managed to reduce emissions by 90,000 Tonnes of carbon dioxide, thus contributing to global environmental protection. In addition, as a certified waste management facility, it is also taking part in the "Ökoprofit" project (ecological project for integrated environmental technology", which is under the patronage of the City of Hamburg, and whose aim is to systematically implement cost-reducing environmental activities.


Advice on running your sorting plant

You too can benefit from our know-how. We would be happy to support you in the running of your own sorting plant, no matter where it is! Our experts can support you through on-site interim-management.

Our service is not just an advisory service, carried out remotely from our desks. Together with you, we analyse the current situation, and develop an appropriate plan for running your plant. In doing this, we draw on our years of experience of running sorting plants, at the same time bearing in mind any local considerations relating to the site. It is necessary to consider the terms of legal framework conditions and how the individual material streams are put together, as there can be considerable variations. Our team is made up of established practitioners, who are also available on site for the start-up phase.