Waste management

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Waste management

You call it rubbish – we call it raw material!

Wherever possible and sensible, we go to great lengths to recycle the material components that are found in waste material. In order to do this, the Buhck Group has a number of sorting and treatment plants.

Construction waste sorting plants and processing of building rubble

Machines are used to separate smaller pieces of construction waste from larger ones. The larger pieces are sorted manually by hand in a sorting booth. Wood, metals and other valuable materials are sent directly to specialised recycling plants. Other, non-mineral based elements are used to produce alternative fuel (RDF – refuse-derived fuel). Rubble, bricks and stones are send for processing in the recycling plant and used as recycling building materials (RC building materials). With quality control!

Alternative fuel (RDF) production plants

As a result of thorough sorting and processing, a high percentage of the material is able to be used for recycling. The production of alternative fuels (RDF) from waste material, which has been sorted and specifically selected, is the link that connects the sustainable disposal and recycling of our customers' waste with the conservation of primary energy sources.

Waste elements are selected and broken down in a multi-stage preparation process. In addition, heavy material and impurities as well as PVC synthetic material are sorted out and removed. In the next stage, pieces of metal are taken out, before the final step, in which the remaining mixture of material is reduced to particles less than 50 mm in size. The result of this multi-stage preparation process is an easily transportable, valuable alternative fuel, that, for example, is used in the cement industry, and that replaces primary energy sources, such as oil or gas, in the actual production process.

In addition to the waste handling plants that have already been described, we also have our own sorting plants for packaging material, a soil treatment plant, various wood processing plants, a processing plant for roofing felt as well as composting plants for garden waste. One of these composting plants has been made into a fermentation plant, which means that as well as producing compost products, biogas, which can be used to create heat and energy, is also produced.